Group Therapy

Join ongoing process groups for women who understand your challenges. (Schedules TBD.)

    Motherless Daughters

    A therapeutic support group for undermothered women

    Days and times TBA; contact me with inquiries.

    Losing a mother is one of the worst things a woman can go through. We may lose confidence in our ability to lead a fulfilling life, and can spend years feeling confused, abandoned, angry, alienated from our peers, numb, adrift, or profoundly bereft. Without enough support for our grief, life can feel overwhelming. 

    If you’re a woman who identifies as “motherless”—either through death, mental or terminal illness, or estrangement—join an ongoing process group for women who understand your challenges.

    In this group, you will:

    • Discover a safe, supportive space to connect with women like you
    • Share your story without shame
    • Find comfort and strategies for living through loss

    This group offers discussion, meditation, experiential exercises, and space to relax into community with women who can relate to profound loss. Topics include navigating milestones, cultural triggers, impact on relationships, ambiguous or anticipatory grief, and finding fresh meaning.

    A guiding resource for discussions (not required reading) is the book Motherless Daughters by Hope Edelman.